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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in folcroft. john. >> reporter: hi, guys. this was an attack in response -- and response. the attack starts about 10:00 a.m. it was on a young police officer as you've said. one witness said there was a burst of three shots followed by a burst of four shots. the response of course came from the s.w.a.t. team. it all played out where that nondescript apartment house is behind me. for almost three hours s.w.a.t. teams focused on the folcroft station apartments inside allegedly those who ambushed a young folcroft officer this morning as he responded to a report of drug activity. >> once the officer confronted these subjects, there was a report of gunfire. assisting officers arrived to find the officer shot several times. >> reporter: tamika daily heard the attack. >> just heard shots, pop, pop, pop, pop. i said oh my god somebody's shooting. we come right out the door, cops, then it's tons of cops coming, they just shot a cop.
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the night before that there's all this drug activity constantly going on. >> reporter: the badly wounded officer was rushed to a hospital. residents of the apartment house were evacuated. s.w.a.t. officers surrounded the building. a state police helicopter flew overhead as a loud flash bang was fired. the hope it would startle and distract the attackers. s.w.a.t. officers moved quickly. several women and a plan were taken into custody. the man described as the suspect in the shooting was put inside this sharon hill police car and driven from the scene. as the operation wound down and officers departed, grateful folcroft residents applauded. >> if you got a heart to shoot the cops that are protecting us you would hurt any innocent one. that's what i'm looking at. >> yeah, children. >> we got children, we got innocent citizens live around here and if you got the ought to shoot at a cop what would you have done to us. >> reporter: we heard that from a number of residents and neighbors today. if someone is violent enough to shoot a police officer he's
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too violent to be in our community. live in folcroft, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> all right, john, thank you. and after officer dorman was shot, his fellow officers took him in a patrol car vehicle to mercy fitzgerald hospital shortly after he arrived dorman was then transported to penn presbyterian hospital. >> and that's where he's recovering right now and that's where "action news" reporter trish harder man continues our coverage tonigh tonight. trish. >> reporter: rick, officer christopher dorman is in critical but stable condition tonight. he has undergone two surgeries so far earlier today. we heard from police here at the hospital who told us more about officer dorman and his injuries. the chief of folcroft police spoke glowingly about 25-year-old christopher dorman who was shot multiple times this morning after only one year with the force and a history of community service. >> he's a folcroft resident. he's been a folcroft volunteer fireman and then became a police officer a little over a year ago. he's done enough to serve his community constantly. >> reporter: officer dorm
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plan joined the folcroft police force in june of last year. this morning police say he was ambushed while responding to a report of drug activity behind an apartment complex on elmwood avenue. >> we have multiple officers on. he just happened to be the first officer on the scene. the second officer on the scene our detective put him in his car and took him to fitzgerald mercy hospital. >> reporter: officers photographed that vehicle before together it away. dorman was quickly triages ported to penn presbyterian and according to the chief was awake and talking. sources say dorman was shot seven times. the chief says doctors told him dorm plan's bulletproof vest may have saved his life. >> he was talking to the detective that brought him down here, to the first hospital and he was able to speak, he was conscious. he was able to give a description of the actor so he did very well under the circumstances. >> reporter: the chief says dorman's mother and father are here at the hospital. we've also seen a number of officers here showing their support as well. the chief described dorman as
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an outstanding police officer. again, officer dorman is in critical but stable condition here at penn presbyterian. we're live in west philadelphia, trish hartman channel6 "action news." rick. >> trish, thank you. massive manhunt for officer dorman's attacker caused were egg delays for passengers traveling along the northeast corridor. both amtrak and septa suspended service during the search leaving hundreds stranded in delaware. passengers told "action news" they had to improvise to pass the time. >> we're going pick through every fruit that they have available to eat and vegetable, see how long that will take and then we'll walk around, probably bothersome people around us and hope everybody stays patient with us, also. >> both amtrak and septa trains are back to running a normal schedule tonight. "action news" has been sending alerts about this story all day long through our 6abc news app. and we'll continue to follow the story into the evening. you can get updates on air, online at and our and social media platforms.
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>> all right, rick at the big board now with the decision by british voters on the so-called brexit plan. the vote to leave the european union caught investors around the world off guard sending markets into a tail spin. while the trading day ended on wall street just about an hour ago and stocks fell sharply across-the-board. analysts say retailers took the biggest hits because of increased trade barriers that could lead to higher costs of operation. the dow jones dropped more than 600 points ending the day down nearly three and a half percent. the nasdaq fell more than 200 points. the s & p 500 meantime dipped 75 points. experts say financial investments in the u.s. could take a big hit as well. >> it's definitely going to have implications and i think everyone is trying to understand what the landscape is going to be moving forward. clearly this is something that we have not experienced
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before. >> and the mood is just as tense overseas. the vote to leave the eu barely passed with just 52 percent of people voting for the brexit here so to get out of the union. the vote did not just spook investors, it also caused britain's prime minister to resign while leaders from around the world call for actions of unity and increased trade talks. of course we'll have more on the political fallout from the brexit vote coming up at 5:30. rick. >> all right, sharrie, thank you. the fbi says they have not turned up any credible evidence that the gunman in the orlando massacre was gay or pursuing gay relationships. federal officials have been looking deep into the background of omar mateen after mateen opened fire inside of the pulse nightclub earlier this month. some media outlets quoted men saying mateen had reached out to them on gay dating apps. the fbi now says after 500 interviews, that does not appear to be the case. officials have said the gunman
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was radicalized at some point before the attack and they believe he was acting alone. 49 people were killed in the shooting including philadelphia teenager akyra murray. the budding basketball star was enjoying a night out with her cousin and her friend when she was caught in the gunfire. today murray's friends and family said their final goodbyes. "action news" reporter katherine scott has the emotional story from west philadelphia. >> reporter: today at monumental baptist church in west philadelphia a celebration of the life of 18-year-old akyra murray. she ranked third in her graduating class at west catholic was a star basketball player, a 1,000-point scorer. she had determination, warmth, joy, a young woman excited to start a new adventure at mercyhurst university in the fall with a full athletic scholarship. >> akyra's life sure did shine. it shined everywhere she went. it shined in the classroom, it shined in the community and it
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shined on the basketball court. >> reporter: but earlier this month akyra lost her life when a gunman stormed pulse nightclub in orlando. her friend patience carter seen here on crutches was also shot in the massacre. as was akyra's cousin tiara parker. many wore red akyra's favorite color. her teammates wore basketball jerseys. mayor kenney was joined by elected officials from the city and state who wanted to pay their respects. >> we embrace west catholic friend and we love them all. >> reporter: through dance, through prayer, through song there was sorrow and grief but also joy for having known her. >> she will always be remembered. >> ♪ it is well with my soul
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♪ >> reporter: a lot of powerful tributes here today. they also read out the names of the 48 other victims who were killed in this mass shooting. in west philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> a prayer vigil will be held tonight for the four-year-old girl who was slot and killed in her north philadelphia home. threats let's go liv... let's go live to the 1800 block of north 20th street. the vigil is set to get under way in less than 30 minutes and sources tell "action news" that authorities believe the four-year-old accidentally shot herself in the head yesterday afternoon. actor 50's wants to highlight the importance of locking guns up at home. >> all right. time now for a check of our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> all right. let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> hey, matt. >> you know friday evenings in the summer time are always a little crazy rick and sharrie. this one is especially. we have a whole bunch of problems and now septa's
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manayunk norristown regional rail line is not running. all trains halted because of some downed wires. so some of you that normally use that line might be able to use the norristown high speedline but expect overcrowding there. we've been way overcrowded on the schuylkill eastbound this afternoon. then continues from the turnpike tolls through this points near gulph mills into the conshohocken curve. the bit of good news is the broken down truck there has finally been moved so both the eastbound lanes are reopened and our vehicle fire in burlington county on 295 is gone. recovering there. we've seen extra heavy delays on southbound garden state parkway because of the weather and a crash on the shoulder, rick and sharrie. >> all right. thank you, matt. we want to go live now to a news conference held by folcroft police department and district attorney jack whelan discussing the shooting of that police officer this morning. let's listen in. >> received a call of an individual, black male, about 6-foot wearing dark clothing
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behind 1528 elmwood avenue in folcroft. he was alleged to be violating act 64, which is the drug act and it appeared from the person there called in there he was actually selling illegal drugs behind that apartment complex at 1528 elmwood avenue. officer christopher dorman received that call and responded to that location. officer dorman arrived, exited his police vehicle, encountered the defendant. a scuffle ensued and the defendant callously drew his weapon and fired at officer dorman striking him seven times. once in the face, four times in the chest, once in the groin and once in the leg. at this point a second
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folcroft officer was dispatched, was en route, was on the street behind the apartment building, actually was able to see the struggle, exited his vehicle and the defendant at this point in time turned the gun and started to shoot at the second officer in a second attempt to kill another folcroft officer. he received a call over the radio he could hear officer dorman indicating that he was shot. officer dorman was able to go through the apartment, through the alley between the two buildings and ended up on elmwood avenue where a third folcroft officer was able to attempt to render aid and place the injured officer dorman in his vehicle, rush him to fitzgerald mercy hospital whereupon he was treated and prepped to be transported by helicopter to a
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philadelphia hospital is where he's currently at today. we were able to locate the fact that he was the defendant was in the immediate area. we were able to receive help from atf as well as numerous departments here in delaware county that came to aid as well as multiple s.w.a.t. teams along with the fbi. we had the two apartment buildings surrounded and s.w.a.t. in delaware county was activated. s.w.a.t. had the building surrounded for a number of hours and finally was able to take control of the building, entered the apartment where the suspect was and took him into custody without incident. the suspect has been identified as dante brooks island also known as abdul
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wahid. he's been right now -- right now he's in custody at the folcroft borough police station. we're in the process of continuing this investigation. we're in the process of charging the defendant. the defendant will be charged with attempted murder, certainly two counts. he'll be charged with aggravated assault, two counts. he'll be charged with related offenses. we also learned that the defendant is a career criminal, is a drug dealer. he also has been convicted of firearms violations, various firearms violations, has been serving a sentence, a long sentence of approximately 15 years in a federal penitentiary and was only relatively recently released.
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again, we want to ask you to keep this officer in your prayers as well as his family. i would ask at this point in time officer -- cliff rakowski from folcroft borough if he wants to add or say anything additional? >> good afternoon everyone. chance for your patience waiting for us. just got word before we came down that he's still in surgery. they expected the surgery to last maybe about another hour. they're working on his face now. everything else that they were operating on appears to be a success. so right now they're working on the facial damage there he has. i'll answer any questions if anybody has any. >> can you tell us where in the face he was shot. >> it was apparently through the cheeks. >> through the cheeks. >> yes. >> nod. >> the plan that does the shooting, you said his last
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name is island, is that i-s-l-a-n-d. >> yes. >> he shoots officer dorman seven times and then attempts to shoot at. >> a second officer. >> a seconds officer. seven times that's unbelievable. >> well, it's unbelievable that he's alive and from i'm gathering through his family that's at the hospital his parents talked to the doctor. the doctor said that any one of those rounds on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot in both front and back of the vest with three wounds to his -- his body one in the face, one in his groin and one in his leg so we just thank god there he had his vest on. >> so what's the total number. >> seven rounds. he was shot seven times. >> [inaudible] >> i'm not sure of that fact. the officer who was shot but the second officer who arrived on the scene exchanged gunfire with the defendant. >> was the weapon recovered. >> i believe it was, yes. >> what was it? >> i'm not sure of the caliber.
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i believe it was a .40 caliber. >> correct. you're talking about the defendant's weapon, correct. yes, it was -- we believe we have the weapon that was used for the attempted murder. >> where is the suspect now? >> our headquarters. >> folcroft. >> yes. >> are you identifying the officer who was shot at, the second officer. >> david dipietro. >> dee prieto. >> [inaudible] >> island is his last name. there's no way i can do the second one. >> abdul. >> wahid. >> i think it's w-a-l-i i believe, wahi. >> [inaudible] >> i believe there's a -- not a federal warrant. there was a warrant out for him but it wasn't a federal warrant. >> do you have an age. >> does anyone know. >> the address was elmwood avenue. >> the apartment. >> yes. >> his age. >> i would have to look it up. i believe in his 30's. >> 30's. >> were the women also taken into custody.
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>> no, not yet. >> there was other people involved but one person is under arrest. >> but there were -- on the video we've seen it there were at least three women who were in handcuffs at the time he was put in the police car. >> well, okay, we have detained a number of individuals and right now the investigation is ongoing. we have not charged those three individuals at this point as we speak here right now. however, it's still an ongoing investigation. he they were taken out. they were detained. they still are in detention being questioned and they were with the defendant at the time of his arrest. >> was he living with someone else. >> another apartment. >> was he in the same building in which he resides. >> an adjacent building. >> [inaudible] >> he was a volunteer for this
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fire department we're sitting in now. i think since he was 16. he's 25. his dream was to be a folcroft officer. we're luck -- we were lucky fluff to hire him about a year and a half ago. i don't say that lightly. this is a if officer. he's part time officer but in small communities we liar a lot of part timers because they leave for other jobs, for full-time jobs and i don't want him to leave and he was in the process of leaving to get a full-time job in septa, with septa's police department from what i understand he was pretty close to getting that. so, he was going through -- they were going through their process of background checks and what not. but he's the kind of guy that i was telling district attorney jack here that you don't wander to lose him 'cause that's how good he is. i mean, he's just a good guy. nothing bothers him. great sense of humor and then something like this has to happen. so, i'm just hoping for, you know, a full recovery, we get him back or septa gets him. >> comes from a great family. i do personally know his
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mother and father and i actually worked with him. he was -- his father is a former councilman right here in folcroft borough, moved to delaware, just a great family. it's a shame that both the officer and this family have to go through this. >> you said he was dealing drugs. what kind of drugs was he dealing. >> we have reports of different types of drugs. we know that there was allegations of heroin, there's also allegations of marijuana. >> neighbors said that there had been a considerable amount of police activity at that location in the last 24 to 48 hours. is this in any way related to that. >> i don't believe so. we do have an extensive narcotics task force here in delaware county. the narcotics task force was aware of suspected drug activity in this particular area. however, i'm not aware of the last 24 or 48 hours that being an issue.
5:21 pm
>> is the officer married. >> no, he's single no, children. >> [inaudible] >> i would defer to the chief but i can tell that you we do have this extensive narcotics task force, over 60 undercover officers that work various neighborhoods in delaware county and we see unfortunately in this particular region the philadelphia region a lot of drug activity in certain areas. we investigate it. we take anonymous tips. there are certain neighborhoods in many of the communities unfortunately along this particular macdade and chester pike corridor that has issues. so, i don't think it's particularly more than some of the other neighborhoods but certainly we investigate all tips that we get and all criminal activity. >> follow up, is mr. island
5:22 pm
aware. >> we had limb before. he was currently being watched. to get back to your original question, we're no different than anybody else to be perfectly honest with you. it's -- we have the main arteries delmar drive, chester pike, macdade boulevard but the drug activity that you see is nationwide anymore. i mean, you see what district attorney did with the narcan and that's just for -- to bring people back because they won't stop -- almost killing themselves. so, we -- we have the same issues that everybody has. i mean, they might be wearing shorts and jeans here and somewhere else they're wearing a three piece suit but it's all over the place that i can tell you for a fact. back in 2005 -- late 2005, early 2006, we had a council that let us try to do something about it and that was work undercover and the reason i bring that up it's not an easy thing to do in these small delts. we're not a city.
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we're not a township so just to be able to have some of these resources to be able to do that they gave them to us and they continue to give them to us. no questions asked. i have several guys working doing that,? you have the that. so, you do what you can. but it's just -- it's not us, it's just -- i don't have an answer between the pills out and there the heroin out there and -- it's everywhere you look so we're no better and we're no worse than anybody else to be perfectly honest with you. >> how long has it been since a folcroft officer had been shot. >> the last time it was before -- when i came on in the late 70's, there was a sergeant had been shot in the leg. >> it's been that long. >> but it was accidental. i believe it might have been self inflicted. it was an accidental shooting. we had officer involve shootings. detective there was involved in a shooting 20 years about but to have an officer injured
5:24 pm
like this never. i mean, you know, it's -- it's a wakeup call for these small towns. you know, you guys see it all the time. we all read about it all the time. and it's not -- you know, you don't wander to say it doesn't happen to you, you just hope it doesn't happen to you because it's happening everywhere and you're just not immune to it. over smoking grass, i mean, just hanging outside smoking grass 10 o'clock in the morning somebody's willing to take your life. >> do you know if anything was said between the suspect and the officer prior to the gun shot. >> no, i don't. no, i don't. >> just as a follow-up, document last time a delaware county police officer was sho shot. >> it's been -- i believe it's been a long time. however, i know that we've had issues with people firing at officers. i don't recall shot -- one shot. however, just to follow up on
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what the chief has indicated is that folcroft -- i know folcroft inside and out. i've personally had the opportunity to work in folcroft and they're really great residents here in folcroft. they care about each other. they look out for each other and in this particular case we got a call from a resident indicating that there was an apparent drug deal in the back of 1528 elmwood avenue which led officer dorman to the investigation and that's the type of residents you have looking out for each other trying to eliminate any type of drug activity in their neighborhood. >> i'll say this, getting back to -- you talk about the different communities and stuff the residents, the information we get from our residents is mind boggling. they know we're trying to do something about it. we're always getting calls from our residents. it's constant it's the old saying the eyes and ears of the police and it really is
5:26 pm
the case. we're always getting calls, always getting tips and today was a perfect example, somebody bothered to call. so many times you hear nobody calling but we're lucky that way. >> any one here from the fire department? [inaudible] >> i don't see anybody. somebody's here somewhere but -- there's frank. frank -- he can probably answer some questionee questions abouquestions aboutth. >> [inaudible] >> he used both names. >> he used both. >> what kind of nationality is that. >> well, we believe he would be affiliated with the muslim religion. >> just so we're clear is it walid or wahi. >> no d. >> w-a-h-i. >> that's what i believe the
5:27 pm
spelling is. >> i've seen it on the reports that i've reviewed. i've seen it spelled both ways, the d-o-n-t-e and d-a-n-t-e but i believe traditionally it was spelled d-a-n-t-e. >> [inaudible] >> that was his name on his legal paperwork, his name, his legal name is dante brooks island. >> b-r-r-k-e-s. >> i have it as k-s but -- >> i believe he's in the process. >> we have been listening to authorities in delaware county bring us up to speed in reference to the officer who was shot this morning, officer christopher dorman with the folcroft police department. his police chief saying it is unbelievable he is alive. he is still in surgery as we speak but also the district attorney speaking telling us that they do believe they have the gunman in custody. they are planning to charge him. his name dante brooks island. of course we are continuing to follow this big story for us
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. monica is off. sharrie williams joining us tonight. here's what's happening on "action news" this evening. we are learning new details about the shooting of folcroft police officer christopher. also the united kingdom shocks the world by voting to leave the european union. we'll tell you how experts say it will impact your money. and first round draft pick ben simmons in philadelphia. jaime apody is live with more on the sixers newest addition. >> but we are continuing to follow developments out of folcroft delaware county tonight. several hours after a police officer was shot while on duty. >> four people are now in police custody we're told, one is being called a career criminal by police and will be charged with attempted murder. meanwhile 25-year-old officer christopher dorman continues to fight for his life this evening. >> this all started around 10:00 a.m. when officer dorman responded to a report of drug
5:31 pm
activity near elmwood street. the confrontation escalated. shots were fired and dorman was hit several times. s.w.a.t. and law enforcement from neighboring agencies swarmed the scene looking for the gunman as folcroft officers put officer dorman in a cruiser and rushed him to mercy fitzgerald. from there, he was flown to penn presbyterian where he continues to receive treatment tonight. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at the scene in folcroft with the latest on the investigation. >> jeanette. >> reporter: rick and sharrie, just within the last few minutes we're learning more about the suspect involved here, dante brooks island he's recently released from prison described as a career criminal and police now say dorman was shot seven times and we are now learning that a second officer exchanged gunfire with the suspect quite possibly saving his colleague's life. it didn't take long for neighbors along elmwood avenue
5:32 pm
to realize something was terribly wrong. it was 10:00 in the morning, silence, then several gun shots rang outer not far from the folcroft police department. >> we were all in my backyard and i was getting ready to get on this exercise machine and there were six gun shots about not even 40 feet away from my house. >> reporter: terrified residents took cover as heavily armed atf police officers and a state chopper descended upon the neighborhood shutting down roads and evacuating homes. >> i need my car. i have to make sure nothing happen to it. >> reporter: they zeroed in on this apartment building. >> my dad rushed us inside. we looked out the front door. the cop was rushing by. >> reporter: folcroft police tell "action news" that 25-year-old officer christopher dorman was dispatched to this building after reports of people smoking narcotics. dorman was shot several times in his face, torso and lower extremities. he was taken to penn presbyterian hospital in critical but stable condition. >> it's unbelievable that he's alive and that from what i'm
5:33 pm
gathering through his family that's at the hospital his parents talked to the doctor. the doctor said that any one of those rounds on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot in both front and back of the vest with three wounds to his -- to his body, one in the face, one in his groin and one in his leg. so, we just thank god that he had his vest on. >> reporter: meanwhile police activity quickly intention if i'd back at the scene. moments after a flash bang was set off, officers emerged from this building and took at least four people into custody. >> we want to ask you to keep this officer in your prayers as well as his family. >> reporter: we understand that officer folcroft -- or dorman is actually in the hospital right now in surgery. we understand they are working on his face. he was shot in the face at least once and we do know that there has been an outpouring of support and prayers for the officer. a lot of people hoping that he will make a full recovery.
5:34 pm
reporting live in folcroft, i'm jeanette reyes for channel6 "action news. back inside to you. >> all right, jeanette thank you for that report. be sure to follow the "action news" facebook and twitter pages for the very latest updates on officer dorman's condition and the investigation into his shooting. you can share your thoughts and send well wishes to officer dorman and his family. >> ♪ >> we are also following the latest developments out of the united kingdom where in a stunning turn of events residents have voted to leave the european union. >> just hours after the results were known, british prime minister david cameron announced his resignation. >> more than 30 million people who liver in the united -- liver in the united kingdom voted yesterday. 52 percent of residents agreed to leaving the eu. prime minister david cameron fought hard to convince residents to vote against the referendum and his departure was not expected. >> i will do everything i can as prime minister to steady
5:35 pm
the ship over the coming weeks and months but i do not think it will be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination. >> european union is an economic and political partnership involving 28 european countries. it was established after world war ii to foster good relations in the hopes that countries would avoid going to war with each other. the process of leaving the eu will take about two years. >> meanwhile the uk's decision to leave the european union is having global ramifications tonight. the new york stock exchange tumbled the minute it opened and the dow closed down more than 600 points and anyone who has a retirement account may notice a decrease in their bottom line today. we spoke to ed terzanski and he says take a breath. >> every time the market reacts in this way people think the world is over and there are others sitting on
5:36 pm
the sidelines saying this is an opportunity. the market will find its path p-it will find opportunity and we just have to be patient. >> he added that the uk's exit may lead to other countries also leaving the eu. >> politicians and pundits are also weighing in on what the uk vote means for european -- for europe and its future. >> lana zak is in washington tonight with the latest on that. lana. >> reporter: good evening, rick and sharrie. we have been monitoring those ramifications both the economic and the political ones and they have sent shock waves throughout this country and the rest of the globe and it's so divisive actually over in the uk it threatens the country itself. the british people have spoken. they want out. the gravity of the united kingdom's decision prompting president obama to reassure americans and the world. >> i'm confidante that the uk is committed to an orderly transition out of the eu.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: fueled about immigration and borders divided the country. emotional david cameron announcing he'll be stepping down as prime minister. >> i love the country and i feel honored to have served it. >> reporter: the new york stock exchange started tumbling as soon as it opened. he can coping the freefall felt throughout global financial markets. the presidential candidates weighing in as well. donald trump in scott happened. >> i think people really see a big parallel, a lot of people are talking about that and not only the united states but other countries and people want to take their country back and they want to have independence in a sense. >> reporter: and the hillary clinton campaign firing back in a new ad using trump's own words against him. >> are you traveling with any of your foreign policy advisers. >> i have been in touch with them but there's nothing to talk about. >> reporter: but overall a feeling of sadness from the european union's ambassador to the u.s. >> we're sorry they're leaving but we respect their decision and indeed there will have to be some hard decisions taken about what that new relationship looks like but i'm sure we'll find a
5:38 pm
solution. >> reporter: this is in essence a divorce between the eu and the uk and like any divorce it has the potential to be protracted and messy already we're hearing from inside the eu now that the brits voted to leave they want them out as soon as possible. reporting live from washington, lana zak, channel6 "action news." back to you sharrie. >> all right, lana, thank you. and world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the uk vote to leave the european union and the fallout that's being felt across the world and right here at home. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> back here philadelphia police need your help tracking down the plan who opened fire on a group of people in west philadelphia. they released this surveillance video of the incident that happened three week ago at the corner of 60th and ludlow streets. meals say the suspect grabbed a gun from a book bag and started shooting at a group of people who were crossing the street. fortunately no one was hurt. and philadelphia police have made a third arrest in connection with the murder of a woman found dead in
5:39 pm
fairmount park last week. today police announced keith bullock is now charged with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder. 26-year-old toy bryant was found murdered in the park last tuesday near the mann music center. police have already charged siobhan armstrong and shintele smith with murder. investigators say it appears bryant ode the suspect $800. >> a wildfire burning in mount pocono taken communities in california has grown to more than 29 square miles. that is double the previous estimate. about 100 buildings in the sierra nevada have been destroyed since the blaze erupted yesterday afternoon. authorities say an additional 1500 structures are now threatened. evacuations are under way for several communities in the area. >> we're using hand crews, bulldozers, air tankers, helicopters, everything in our arsenal to stop this massive devastating wildfire.
5:40 pm
>> three firefighters were taken to a hospital after suffering smoke inhalation. authorities have not said what caused the fire. >> all right, back here now as we get to the shot. there we are. matt pelman back in the "action news" traffic center with an update on the commute home on a friday night. >> hey, matt. >> hey, guys. we're all a little bit tired by our friday night, right and apparently our vehicles are a little tired, too. we've had a number of them breaking down this afternoon, the latest of which is a bus on the ramp from the schuylkill expressway eastbound to 30th street. we've got a broken down bus up ahead. other buses stuck on the off ramp here. they took the passenger vehicles and actually backed them up to get them off the ramp but this ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to 30th street is blocked right now. use the off ramps from spring garden or south street if this is normally the ramp you would use. if you're headed to 30th street don't plan to get on a septa manayunk norristown line train. that line suspended this evening because of downed wires indefinitely suspended. you can use the norristown high speedline but expect
5:41 pm
those trains to be overcrowded. burlington bristol bridge up right now for a northbound ship. head for the turnpike connector instead. admiral wilson boulevard is bumper to bumper once again this afternoon because of the emergency construction near the old airport circle but fingers crossed the construction should be out of here around 9 o'clock tonight and we certainly hope so. garden state parkway southbound has been heavy all afternoon here by the great egg tolls and police activity in bear is shutting down 40 westbound by the 40 diner. head for old baltimore pike instead. rick and sharrie, enjoy your weekend. >> you do the same. thank you, matt. much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. important news for anyone planning on hitting the beaches down in rehoboth delaware this weekend. what environmentalists discovered today. >> and the newest member of the sixers are in philadelphia tonight. jaime apody is live with more from the first round draft pick ben simmons. adam. >> we're looking live from the pagoda cam in reading as a thunderstorm is push in that direction. we've had some pop-ups flooding rains this afternoon. we'll let you know when they
5:42 pm
move out and if it's in time for the weekend coming up in accuweather. >> all right, adam will have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> okay.
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
>> a water quality advisory in effect for rehoboth beach after high levels of bacteria were found in the water. swimming is still allowed. the beach is still opened. the elevated levels were found wednesday a day before rehoboth got more than an inch of rain. a new sample was taken yesterday. a state official says it's likely the advisory will soon be lifted. >> turning to sports, its sixers have introduced their number one draft pick. >> that's right. and jaime apody is live at the sixers practice facility with more on the official debut of ben simmons. hey, jamie. >> reporter: hey guys. you know what it feels like a new day, the hope you could just sense it in the room. granted much of that lies on the shoulder of a 13-year-old kid. brett brown told me simmons was made for this and sixers fans hope so. simmons holding up his number 25 jersey for the first time. wouldn't it be something if that jersey will one day hang
5:46 pm
in the rafters next to allen iverson. ben wasn't born yet. two decades later he lopes to bring the piece that brings winning back to philadelphia. >> i'm very excited to be here. last night was a blur. and, you know, i'm -- it's surreal honestly. i'm glad i'm here and i'm ready to get to work. >> a lot of debate what position he should be playing but i know that he's a basketball player through and through and he's going the make others on the floor better. he's going to make everyone on the team better and he's going to make this organization better. >> is this the piece of the puzzle you were missing with all this losing we have been dealing with for the past years. >> certainly it's a great piece. and, you know, people that are six-10, can handle the ball and, you know, rebound and bring the ball up they don't come around every day. there's lebron and then dot, dot, dot. >> reporter: that's true but he won't be handling the ball at least to start that much because harris told me they are still looking for a
5:47 pm
starting point guard. they tried to make some trades last night. those didn't really come close so they'll still be looking at trading some pieces or possible picking up a free agent. congrats to saint joe's hawks star diondre bembry. he'll still be a hawk an atlanta hawk. he was drafted by atlanta in the first round. no villanova players drafted last night. don't worry there's still hope. ryan daniel each can chef few signed with the washington wizards. the nhl draft tonight ron hextall hopes to lands a future star in that crop. he says he likes this year's class of players. >> we feel it's a strong draft certainly the first round is strong. we feel there's some depth in it. actually asked dennis patterson one of our scouts who has been around for a long time if he's seen back to backdraft as strong as these two and he said no.
5:48 pm
so, we look at it as a strong draft. we like the 18th pick. >> reporter: so the future is bright for all our teams here in philadelphia. of course we're live here at sixers headquarters where they just introduced ben simmons the new fails of the franchise and first thing he wants to do is go get a cheesesteak. he looks exhausted, hungry. hopefully he's eating one right now and they've given him recommendations on my twitter and facebook pages. live at pcom jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> jamie thank you. 11 community organizations in delaware have received grants to allow them to planter new seeds for the future. governor jack markell was at the kingswood community center in wilmington to announce the recipients of the 2016 urban agriculture and community garden grants. each group will receive up to $1,000 to help expands existing gardens or grow new ones. >> ♪
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>> can congratulations are going out to this local k-9 police team from mercer county. high scores in a national competition sort of the k-9 police olympics. 18 year veteran detective joe angarone and bella. the trial was held in philadelphia earlier this
5:52 pm
movement several k-9 teams across the country competed performing various police activities. >> nice. >> all right. meteorologist adam joseph joining us now and looks like the rain is getting out of the area. >> once that sun sets we'll kind of lose the downpours and thunderstorms that have been kind of popping around the region and we're setting up for a beautiful first weekend of summer. as we take a live look right now on storm tracker6 live double scan all of those heavy downpours that were at the shore are now sliding away. southern parts of cumberland county there were flood warnings this afternoon over 2-inches of rain in parts of southern new jersey and delaware and now there's this cluster developing north and west of reading near hamburg. you can see the lightning on there as well. this is slowly drifting from the northwest to the south and east. they're not moving fast and they're releasing between one and 2-inches of rain pretty quickly so watch for some area roadways to take on a little extra water as they slowly sink through berks county. dewpoints, they are up especially south of philadelphia. any time it's over 60 it feels tropical or humid especially
5:53 pm
in southern areas but notice the 50's developing allentown, mount pocono and trenton, a northeasterly wind will be taking over and that's going to dry us out this weekend with respect to the cloud cover and how it feels when you step out the door. 80 in philadelphia, trenton right now, its warmest spot the lehigh valley at 83. we're recovering in southern areas. most areas were in the 60's after the rain but again a very uncomfortable 69 or so or 70 degrees in millville and cape may. it feels almost like a steam bath out there after that rain passed through. satellite and radar will show high pressure over new england. a secondary high pressure over the great lakes. the two will merge and again push a frontal boundary that's stuck over our region to the south as we get into saturday. so, for tonight that early isolated storm. otherwise it turns clear for all. very comfortable with dropping humidity, 58 to 64 degrees. your day planner for your saturday, wall to wall sunshine here, up to 80 already by 11 o'clock, 87 at 5 o'clock in the city of philadelphia.
5:54 pm
again, it's big ticket item here is low humidity. same thing for sunday. almost a carbon copy here. could touch 90 on some thermometers north and west of philadelphia on sunday. boy, the sea breeze at the shore it is going to stay much cooler with that easterly wind both days. in fact if you're heading to the shore, one danger we have to watch for is a moderate risk for rip currents especially on saturday with that persistent easterly wind. make sure you swim where the beaches are guarded. 76 both days so much cooler at the shore with that breeze off the water but you'll have plenty of sunshine and up in the poconos low humidity, beautiful there as well, delightful tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast after a breathtaking weekend with temperatures a little bit above normal, the humidity we crank it up here a little bit on monday. 88 degrees. that will throw some more clouds our way, maybe an isolated storm but the best chance will come on tuesday with the next cold front of 87 degrees and then that front
5:55 pm
hopefully if it has enough energy will couldn't to move on out to sea and that will drop the humidity to the middle of the end of next week with sun and clouds and temperatures in the low 80's so overall with the next seven days we are not tracking any extreme heat combined with humidity so a pretty nice end to june. >> all right. we like it. thank you adam. quick break. more news right after these messages. stay with us. >> ♪
5:56 pm
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>> right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories at 6 o'clock. new details in the shooting of a folcroft police officer. coming up what investigators are now saying about the suspect. >> plus, an emotional farewell for the west philadelphia teenager gunned down at the orlando nightclub. >> kids learn to stay safe in the water at a free program response stored by the y of burlington and camden counties. i'm nora muchanic in willing bow. i'll havwillingboro. >> for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams.
5:58 pm
"action news" at 6:00 is next. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night. jim's off. i'm rick williams. in the news the mother who gifted her daughter to a man will remain in jail. and firefighters put out a fire in north philadelphia and make a grou gruesome discovery. a dramatic day in folcroft. after a police officer was shot multiple times but is recovering in the hospital tonight. the shooting happened along
6:00 pm
the 1500 block of elmwood avenue in folcroft. officer christopher dorman was investigating drug activity when authorities say he was ambushed and shot seven times. following a massive manhunt police took a suspect into custody who faces possible attempted murder charges now. we have live team coverage this evening. let's begin with "action news" reporter dann cuellar live at the folcroft firehouse with new details from investigator investigators. >> reporter: dan. >> reporter: rick, at a news briefing just moments ago officials announced that the alleged gunman identified as dante brooks island aka abdul wali is a career criminal. he was released from prison after serving 15 years. there was an a warrant for his arrest when officials say he shot and struck one officer and fired and missed at another. after 10:00 this morning 25-year-old officer christopher dorman responding to a report of people smoking


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